vintage sari quilts


Today I’m loving … these quilts made from vintage sari’s pieced together and then stitched all over with running stitch. Each quilt is unique and has different colours and patterns on either side.


Available from Niki Jones.

4 Responses to vintage sari quilts

  1. My dream quilt! I love how they each have different patterns on both sides.

  2. These are really unique – I bet they’d go great in a nursery or child’s bedroom too

  3. The perfect ethnic touch to any place!

  4. it was wonderful to see these saree quits… in Bangladesh [country in the south asia beside India] we use these quits for regular uses… and do u know these quits are handmade here… it takes 2-4 months to make a queen size quit… we gather all our old sarees to make quits… I have 20 quits of various sizes and patterns… i simply adore them… thank you for featuring saree quits… 🙂

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