outdoor bathroom


Today I’m loving … this semi outdoor bathroom.

(image source unknown)

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  1. Hi, this image is from Photographer Douglas Friedman here : http://www.douglasfriedman.net/architecture/03/ Using google image search (now an app on my computer), I found it in about 5 seconds. I use google image search all the time to see where photos come from and of course to see where and how my photos are being used 🙂 Check out his other shots from this same shoot – amazing. Thanks for posting, follow through bloglovin.

  2. wow. i can’t even imagine waking up to this everyday. in the philippines an outdoor shower was normal after hopping in the ocean, now i look at this, and think “relaxed luxury”. just coming back from a beach week in the outer banks has left me week for any sight of water+the outdoors. gah.

  3. Wow it looks awesome!!!
    So close to nature, and what a relaxing way to bathe!
    Reminds me of a spa!

  4. Oh, I love these outdoor spaces! Open dining is the best, but open bathing seems to be taking it to the next level.

  5. I´m loving it too!
    xx Marie

  6. Very nice, i would love it in an underpopulated area

  7. Looks very peaceful!!! I’d like until the rain comes.

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