pinecone lamp


Today I’m loving … this gorgeous pendant by Russian designer Pavel Eekra. The lamp consists of 56 plates and screws, without an internal skeleton due to rounding forms plaques form gaps through which light passes.


Boards themselves are also slightly transparent, this creates a particular pattern of light from the outside and downward bright light. More information about the lamp can be found on Pavel’s website.

5 Responses to pinecone lamp

  1. Lovely Pinecone Lamp, i like it…. Nice work Russian Designer….

  2. Lovely it gives a warm feeling.

  3. This is soooooo amazing and beautiful. Nothing like a well thought-of product that is actually chic.

  4. It’s lovely.. and huge! Wouldn’t have thought it that big without seeing it next to a person.

  5. Really cool looking lamp! It kind of reminds me of a pineapple though =p

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