leaf swing


Today I’m loving … this beautiful tree swing. It has been featured on the Fuori Salone’s website but unfortunately I could not figure out who makes it or where it’s sold.

Update: the designer of this swing is Alberto Sanchez. You can find more information here. Thank you Grace and ArticulateArt for letting me know!

(image by Daniela Petrillo / via Trendir)

9 Responses to leaf swing

  1. Given the heat in NY, I can only dream of having that view and swinging on THAT fab swing just about now! Thanks for the lovely tease.

  2. I just feel like swinging on it!!! Beautiful design

  3. that’s amazing! and gorgeous!

  4. What a great idea … so simple yet so neat …
    Thanks for sharing the inspirational info about Alberto Sanchez.

  5. I remember this stand but ? could not remember the name of the firm

  6. Wow! Very nice makes me want to run away and find this view! The seat of the swing looks like it may be laser cut. Does anyone know? Very nice piece!

  7. Love!!! So gorgeous and I love that swing! Great pic!!!

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