acapulco chair


Today I’m loving … this beautiful Acapulco chair! The chair is a modernist design classic that originated in Mexico in the 1950s. Happy weekend everyone!

(image from Freunde von Freunden)

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  1. Adorable color !

  2. Isn’t this a photo from freunde ven freuneden website?

  3. How cool! (I love the peacock feathers in the background…)

  4. Love these chairs. I have also seen them in colored vinyl which also help add a festive flavor. These can also be slightly more upscale. I talked about these in my recent post

  5. I would love that chair in a larger size!!!

  6. Loving this chair and the color!!!!!

  7. the image source can be found here:

    i love this room, especially the ladder. unexpected and perfect!

  8. Thanks for the link to the image source Christina!

  9. Carol Castel

    I love the turquoise color… I think they are pretty big and confy. Check this website, a friend of mine recently bought one, love the colors they have!

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