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Today I’m loving .. all things blue. In the image above framed blue bandanas are used as wall art (featured in Martha Stewart Living, via Poppy Talk and Apartment Therapy).


A beach chair made from a beautiful blue/white patterned fabric.


Comfortable blue cushions and blue rugs (image from Cote Maison).

Blue scarves and throws from Coterie.


Pale blue doors in this garage that was turned into a ‘beach house’ in Covet Garden (image by Tracy Shumate)

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  1. I love the room with the blue couch, pillows, and rug. It really adds the contrast with the white walls. Looks great. Also, what a great idea with framing the bandanas and putting them on the wall! Thanks for sharing


    I like the clean crisp vibe of the framed grid of navy bandanas on the wall.
    And they hit a sentimental note as they were the first item I made a craft with
    during Summer vaca while enjoying lemonade and sugar cookies. Thanks.

  3. Great patterns! I really like the last picture, the colour of the doors and walls are just spot on. It matches well with the paintings and the dining table and chairs. I really like that blue!

  4. Thank you so very much for including Coterie in this amazing post. How I love blue and white!

  5. I love the impact that framing a few of the same things gives a room, especially when all the patterns are different. And top it off with a bold blue wall color and you have yourself a wow factor.

  6. Kylahdrezaana

    omgggg i love all those blue rags. i was guna cover my wall completely in blue rags & then leave one wall for all the different types of rags. whoever made that room up or had that idea, your a genious. (: cz up!

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