tolix chairs


Today I’m loving …. this dining area with Tolix chairs in various colors.

(image via Skona Hem)

10 Responses to tolix chairs

  1. De kracht en pracht van raw, heel erg stoer!

  2. I love these chairs especially that they used different colors. Adorable…

  3. I love the chairs, and have just caught up on your recent posts! You have a wonderful bog! I really enjoy your subjects!
    Have a great day!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  4. Love it too! I’m going to have to copy it somehow if I ever get room for a dining table.

  5. Love it – very rustic, and the chairs are great.

  6. OMG, I love this shot, I love the Tolix chairs, I love the blackboard on the wall…everything!!

  7. i will die for the rusted one!!! looooooooooove tolix!!!!

  8. Nice design. I love these chairs!!!

  9. Toujours égal ç elle même les Tolix passe partout, et laisse glisser le temps!!! Toujours jolie!

  10. Great looking chairs, each one has character! I especially like the rusty version of the chair.

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