serene bathrooms


I love neutral colors in general but especially for bathrooms. These tones make a space serene and calm, just as a bathroom should be in my opinion.


Here are some examples of beautiful, serene bathrooms.


(image source: 1. unknown 2 & 3. Red Magazine)

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  1. Today my new post shows a bathroom you would like!


  2. Mooi! Prachtig die naturellen.

  3. Love the walk in shower. These light neutral colors just make the bathroom look so spacious !

  4. Wouldn’t need calgon in that bathroom:-) Love it!

  5. Keren from Israel

    the first picture is from the spanish magazine “nuevo-estilo” taken at this beautiful 18th century home in Mallorca. here you can see this place:

    i saw it first in the israeli blog “olaalhaeezuvim”.

    have a beautiful day,

  6. I love that top bathroom picture, infact I have added it to my inspiration folder. Thank you for posting 🙂

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