a reader’s home in new delhi


This is the home of Freddy Birdy, a reader of the style files who lives in New Delhi, India. His beautiful apartment was recently featured in the Indian Elle Decor. Freddy is an advertising Creative Director by profession, but is madly interested in interior design.


The house was built a year ago, and Freddy designed it himself. The apartment is basically a 3 bedroom apartment, but one bedroom was converted into a large open kitchen. Thanks for showing your beautiful home Freddy, it is a job well done!

7 Responses to a reader’s home in new delhi

  1. Wow, what a lovely fresh house

  2. Renuka Narayanan

    absolutely beautiful

  3. Beautiful. His love of design is quite apparent.

  4. This home is gorgeous!

  5. Very stylish, serene! Love it!

  6. The bedroom is serene and I really like the bookshelves surrounding the bed

  7. oh, definitely. now *this* home is the perfect place to escape from the craziness of delhi. i absolutely love it!

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