Today I’m loving … this outdoor daybed. It has been a busy day and this bed would be perfect for a little nap!

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  1. I could go for a nap right about now too…

    P.S. Is that a turtle on the pillow!?

  2. Oh yes, most appealing. I can feel a snooze coming on…zzzzzzzzzzz

  3. That would have been lovely!

  4. Oh ja, heerlijk! En dan zachtjes schommelen met een heerlijk boek of een gezellige schommelgenoot.

  5. I would just about die to lie on that right now!

  6. Oh I could kill for having that in my garden! 😉

  7. oh that is such a good call right now – love it

  8. That adorable hanging bed under the trees is the stuff of fairy tales ! It’s romance and comfort and inspiration in one simple gesture. Genius ; )

  9. Wish I was there. So much better than a hammock.

  10. today i was a zombie + this zombie would’ve loved a nap on that bed. *sigh*

  11. i would love one like that in my garden. if only i could keep the bugs away

  12. yes!!!!! this is what I need right now!….wish I was there…


  13. Would absolutely love a daybed!!!!! Great for a Sunday afternoon!!!!

  14. That is just perfect, I want one! : )

  15. I would love to see that hanging from the trees in my backyard! Very nice!

  16. Lovely idea. Not sure how practical it is though as it looks like it would tip over if you were lying to one side.

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