turquoise chairs


Today I’m loving … these turquoise chairs. I like how they really pop out! The bar stools are from IKEA. They look very different with a bit of paint. You can see more of this Swedish summer house here.

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  1. they really look striking in the black & white kitchen..thanks for sharing..do visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

  2. I love that colour! I am trying to convince my husband to let me paint the back of our front door that colour 🙂 Maybe I should just start with some bar stools first!

  3. oooh those chairs! It’s like a fresh jolt of color therapy in the morning. Thank you!

    PS Danielle, I just put Le Souk in the resource section of my forthcoming Moroccan interior design book.

  4. yes! beautiful color! less is more.

  5. This makes me super happy. I love turquoise and I’m a bit prejudiced against bar stools. They often look clunky and weigh down a space. But these, I love. Thanks!

  6. Really fresh and cool 🙂

  7. Awesome center pieces!!!

  8. I love those chairs! Nice color and style. I will be very happy to have a pair of those pretty chairs.

  9. love solid colored bright chairs. think i should repaint mine… hm… maybe reupholster something too


  10. Beautiful colour! Think my bathroom could use some accent pieces in turquoise.

  11. I absolutely love the color of these chairs. Can you please tell me the paint you used for them? I have searched and searched and cannot find a turquoise or teal in this same light bright shade!

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