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Welcome summer! Today’s post is inspired by the beautiful weather we are having here in The Netherlands. To celebrate the summer weather I am showing you some gorgeous outdoor areas.


A gorgeous alfresco setting for dinner at sunset.


A confident mix of five or more shades of pink creates a vibrant, co-ordinated look. The bench seating creates a relaxed atmosphere prefect for outdoor entertaining.


Books are used to create an intellectual vibe. Great styling for a book club lunch or dinner!


A dominant palette of pinks, from salmon to cerise, helps to unify patterned and plain cushions in this laid-back alfresco dining area. Painted stone walls give the space a sunny Mexican-feel.

(image source: 1. Domino, 2. unknown, 3. Living etc, 4. unknown, 5. Living etc.)

15 Responses to outdoor inspiration

  1. Oh such gorgeous pics!

  2. Lovely outdoor spaces. I wish I am there enjoying a good book, a mag or a meal!

  3. gorgeous.. I love the first one the most. It has a very improptu feel to it.

  4. So dreamy. Love that second al fresco dining shot.

  5. These are just beautiful and dreamy, too!

  6. Love the 2nd and 4th unknown pics!!! Love the hanging books and lanterns! Wish I could do a picnic like that!

  7. I’ve been a fan of hanging lights (or candles in mason jars) off trees.

  8. oooooh. lovely, lovely outdoor spaces. Mmmmm. Hard to pick a favorite! The two outdoor dinner tables (2nd and 4th picks) make me want to put on a weekend lunch for the girls. This is great inspiration for wedding table deco or a baby shower too. I love how you can combine so many shades of pink (3rd pic) this space has such a great beachy / vacation feel. Wishing it was Friday and cocktail time!

  9. Each of these settings is so lovely- I could see a perfect afternoon in each.

  10. What a great collection. I found you on Pinterest
    peace n abundance,

  11. Lovely photos…

    Where in the Netherlands is the second pic – the table with lanterns at sunset?

    I too found you via Pinterest :o)

  12. Silly question … Any ideas how the book page tablecloth was made and how to keep it from tearing … I am very practical and don’t want to spend time if I can’t re-use it

  13. Hi!
    I’m in love with the second photo! I wish to hang it in my living room 🙂 I found the picture on pinterest and I was very curieus who made it and where to find the setting. Now i red above that you took them in the Netherlands I really want to know where! Can you tell me?

    Kind Regards

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