woven baskets as wall art


These woven baskets look surprisingly good on a wall!

(image by Tjitske van Leeuwen / styling by Marianne Luning)

13 Responses to woven baskets as wall art

  1. Utter perfection – the baskets, the rugs, the wall texture, the stairs…

  2. i had a crush too for this picture…so nice!!!

  3. I love these. I’ve always been a basket xase anyway, so my sister says.

  4. The do look beautiful..and what gorgeous colors!! thanks for sharing..have a lovely day..do visit my blog when you have a moment..xx meenal

  5. love – love! great option too, for those of us living in earthquake zones!

  6. That makes me so happy, especially sitting here in the soggy Pacific NW.

  7. that really does look very nice. would look great on a terrace

  8. Such a clever idea 🙂

  9. Beautiful! Very fresh and vibrant.

  10. Hallo Danielle,

    Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe “jobblog” voor VT wonen!


  11. any clue where you can purchase these baskets or rugs?

  12. Oh yesss very nice wallhangings… and such a good idea to develop ancient handcraft habilities…thanks for this wall today!!

  13. Hi, i fell in love with the baskets on the wall. Would you know who made them? Are they still making them? Do they sell them? Thank you.

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