a renovated farmhouse in the french countryside


A lot of imagination and time was needed to transform this neglected farmhouse in France into a modern country home.


Neutral tones and raw materials are the main ingredients that were used to decorate this gorgeous home. The sleek kitchen island (top image) is stunning.


Designer pieces but also furniture and accessories from IKEA can be found in the various rooms. For example, the wicker pendants in the photo above are from IKEA.


Green, grey and brown shades have been used for the bedroom and hallways.


The outdoor area is a perfect place for a sunny breakfast.


(images via Cote Maison)

10 Responses to a renovated farmhouse in the french countryside

  1. I love the relaxed and casual feel of this home…the outdoor space is perfection!!

  2. Hmm, far too many hard corners and no warmth for my liking. A bit too sparse :/ I like the outside tho!

  3. Love love love this home

  4. Wow, simply stunning – a real delight to look at. Love your website.

  5. Love the use of colours in the house! It gives a really relaxing and calm air to it.

  6. Beautiful, thank you!

  7. Wow – so beautiful! Light and airy, great colors. I absolutely love the kitchen! They really did a great job of mixing old with new and letting the old farmhouse shine.

  8. I agree
    a few mid century retro pieces and the place would have been perfect! 🙂

  9. The flooring makes all the difference, including the feel of the home. Love the flooring in all the pictures! There are a variety of wood flooring or laminate flooring to choose from nowadays.

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