great idea to store car toys


This is such a great idea to use magnet knife holders (which you can get from IKEA for example) to store car toys.

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  1. That is soo cool! I would have never thought to use the knife holders for toys and decoration. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I may have to “borrow” this idea! It is quite clever!

  3. absolutly great!

  4. Since framers are big kids at heart we were drawn to this right away. Such a practical idea AND an aesthetic one. Imagine: a series of magnetic knife holders running all the way ’round a room adorned with magnets, matchbox cars, souveinrs – what have you. Almost better than framed art!

  5. That’s a fantastic idea! They’re easy to get at, and easy to put away!

  6. Love this idea!
    I almost wanna find a boyfriend who collects toy cars just to have this really personal and cool decoration.

  7. Nice collection, My son has collection some of your items. I will show it to him, he will going to be interested with this one as well. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a fabulous idea! I’ll be adding this to my list of to-do projects.

  9. i don’t have kids but i want to decorate my walls with toy cars now! brilliant idea.x

  10. love this! makes the cars look like really neat art!

  11. I love this creative way to display these! My bf and I just moved in together and he has boxes of his toy cars that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with…looks like I will be stocking up on magnetic knife holders! 🙂

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  13. Bought one at Ikea, but apparently none of my son’s matchbox cars or metal trains actually have metal bottoms. It didn’t work. : (

  14. Okay, so I CASED this idea, it’s super cute! And did a magnetic board from Ikea…pretty cute, round, contemporary looking….BUT NO sticking to it! Did you glue magnets on your cars??????

  15. georgiewise

    my little boy’s cars are not metal 🙁

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  17. I loved this image too. However, none of my boys’ cars are metal. Maybe this only works with vintage collections. I hesitate adding pieces to the bottom of the cars to allow magnetic attraction since it would possibly inhibit their ability to roll. Is this a vintage collection? Or did you find a a work around?

  18. I had the same problem as others, none of the cars we own will stick.

  19. OMG this is a great idea!! My son has bins and bins of cars… this would be great for the small ones and only keep the big ones in bins!

  20. I really wanted this to work, no Ike’s near me so had to pay $30 for two. None of the trains, hot wheels or planes stuck to it.

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  24. It did not work for our hot wheel cars:(

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  26. It doesnt work! My kid has Many hootwheels, cars colecction And all are plastic…. Do you put something else?

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  30. Hm.. why I didn’t get this advice when my son was younger…?

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  32. Didn’t work. I’m so disappointed. Now I have to drive back to Ikea to return the magnetic knife holder.


  33. I tried this as well and it didn’t work…. is there not any feedback on this? I even used VINTAGE cars that are metal and it didn’t work…. =/

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  35. Super cool idea! I’ve glued small magnets under the cars to make this possible, looks fantastic 🙂 X Helen

  36. Great idea. I love the simple blog post and clean photo as well; thanks for sharing.

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  40. This is not true. Metal cars (new or old) do NOT stick to these strips. I was looking every where online to find which to buy and I see tons of upset mama’s having to remove these from the children’s rooms because no cars stick to them.

  41. Great way to organize and store toy cars! I am sharing this on Pinterest.

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