carpenter andrea brugi


I love things made from wood, especially old wood. No wonder that I LOVE these photos showcasing the designs of carpenter Andrea Brugi.


Andrea’s ‘laboratorio’ with all his beloved amazing pieces is a graveyard of beautiful old stuff. Here you can find anything: old railway beams, chairs and tables with a missing leg, tree trunks, roots from a 400 year old olive tree, etc. All just waiting to be fixed or given a new life.


All his designs have a strange touch of naivety, yet a the same time they are modern and contemporary with a rustic and organic appearance.


Andrea always tell people that he doesn’t make up the shapes: “the shape is already in the piece – a design of nature”.


(images by Ditte Isager)

8 Responses to carpenter andrea brugi

  1. Thanks for these beautiful beautiful pictures! I really need to get one of his carving boards soon.

  2. I love the log chair. Such character and so beautiful.

  3. A bit too rustic for my taste, but love the log stool in the 2nd to last picture. I think it would look just perfect as a side table next to a modern sofa!!!

  4. So beautiful pictures. I like specially the log chair.

  5. I really enjoy how it looks like it came for the fifteen hundreds in some back-country home and from the present-day all at once. It’s such a play with our idea of ‘modern’. He’s a true artist.

  6. Thanks for the amazing pictures! I love the way he crafted the wood in his pieces

  7. where
    we be

  8. The original furniture. Well suited for a cottage or country house.

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