brooklyn home of j.crew director jenna lyons


Unfortunately the stylish clothes from US brand J. Crew are not available here in The Netherlands but we can take a peek into the home of their creative director Jenna Lyons.


Together with her husband Vince, Jenna lives in a beautiful brownstone house in Brooklyn, New York.


The couple found the three story house in poor condition. It had been renovated only once in the seventies, and it had kept all original details.


Modern pieces are combined with antique items. Many of their furniture pieces are made to measure.


They kept their kitchen (image below) modern and minimalistic.


(images from At Casa)

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  1. Cripes. That could be such a beautiful space but it just looks so miserable and clinical.

  2. The kitchen screams, “no food is ever made here.”

  3. Oh, I think it is SO beautiful. I love that Serge Mouille ceiling light. Amazing.

  4. I love the “dull” color scheme of her place.

  5. I simply love the look of this place…furniture, colors, even the palette leaning on the wall. The whole kit and kaboodle is inspiring.

    I think people have to remember that when opening your home for the world to see a little or a lot of tidying up (in my case) and styling is probably done prior to the photo shoot. After all, I spy a young boy in one photo…I’m sure he’s just like other little boy at home.

  6. Oh man, I love Jenna Lyons. I have seen other images of her home that I also love. Jcrew is really a fantastic clothing line, and she really quite brilliant. The casual chic aesthetic she inspires in the clothing line is absolutely top notch and I don’t have a bad thing to say about her home, it is a beautiful state of minimal bliss.

  7. Jenna’s home is my all time favorite. I always talk about I much I love it on my blog. I did make the New Year’s resolution not to do so this New Year.
    But, I do love the Domino version much better as it was better styled.

  8. I never tire of seeing images of this home. So inspiring!

  9. Wow – we love the look of the entire space. But we’re partial to the collection of multiple items, like the shoes and the frames. The splashes of color against the monochromatic furnishings is dreamlike.

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