more stylish christmas inspiration


This Danish interior is another example that Christmas decorations doesn’t always have to be colorful and shiny!


The use of natural and raw materials such as wood and zinc is just what I like! The deer on the wall is not exactly my style but I do like all the other things.


(images from / via Emmas Designblogg)

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  1. I just love these modern Christmas interiors. It demonstrates that you can use greys and still create a beaufitul Christmas look.

  2. Hello!! I like so much this blog! I decided to start with my own blog and i would apreciate if you take a look! (I’m spanish so sorry for my english he, he..)

    Thanks and kisses!

  3. I love the restraint in the color palette in these images–a respite from the color overload everywhere else.

  4. This is a very original way to decorate for Christmas, and I like it! It’s good to change things up every year….and think outside of the box. I don’t like the deer on the wall either, but the use of natural materials is right up my alley 😉

  5. Lovely inspiration!

  6. Wow, wow, wow, so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, the Scandinavian design is always so inspiring and lovely to look at…thank you! :))

  7. Very nice. I also like those big grid windows and the wide European window sills.

  8. What a classy take on Christmas design! The little circle star rug is beautiful and a nice ascent to the space – well done.

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