pliny tables with leaf print


Today I’m loving … these beautiful tables with leaf print from Holmes Wilson. These Pliny tables have impressions of leaves from Inula, Sage, Echium, Artichoke, Eucalyptus, Calla Lily, and Banana. You may also request a leaf of your choice. Each seat is unique and hand made.

9 Responses to pliny tables with leaf print

  1. Wat ontzettend mooi! Ook de verschillende tinten zijn schitterend, zo passen ze in elk interieur!

  2. so interesting and unique

  3. well, these are just fabulous! Are they concrete? I love their imperfect finish.

  4. They do look like concrete. They could even be stools as well. I also love the little side tables made out of tree stumps that are popping up everywhere.

  5. Great tables, so simple yet special and very beautiful! Thanks.

  6. These seats are really an eyecatcher for any garden, sunroom or terrace. I am not sure whether I would use them inside the house though – depends on the architecture. Did you see their concrete panels? Beautiful rough art, unique and very interesting.
    Greetings, Petra

  7. Love the patterns! Thanks for sharing!

  8. They truly are very beautiful! Thanks for sharing! <3

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