more gifts made from wood


Here are some more suggestions for gifts which are all made from wood:
1. Totem Votive Set designed by Eric Janssen
2. Choco Tape Dispenser made from Walnut
3. Hedgehog Clock made from Bamboo
4. Large rustic bowl made from heavy wood
5. Fair trade tray made from palm wood and designed by Piet Hein Eek
6. Espresso Set with bamboo tray by Fellina Sok-Cham
7. Wooden Fishing Play set from Jae Keun Song
8. cute sparrow pegs

8 Responses to more gifts made from wood

  1. What a selection. All so perfect.

  2. All these things are great! I like it

  3. wow, does anybody know where i can buy the soparrow pegs in holland ? they are very very nice !

  4. Great inspiration, I want each and every one of those!

  5. Great suggestions… adore the tray!!

  6. beautiful selection – we love the sparrow pegs!

  7. they are all wonderful. I want Nr. 8 🙂 happy Friday!

  8. Great, love wood right now!!

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