horse swing made from a recycled tire


This horse swing also looks great indoors! It is constructed entirely out of recycled rubber tires. The only thing on this horse that isn’t made of tires is his charming mane which is made from rope. The swing is available from Le Souk.

(image from VT Wonen)

3 Responses to horse swing made from a recycled tire

  1. I know these swings, well!
    We actually had one at our equestrian riding stable for the kids to hang out with, away from all of the Mom’s riding their horses!
    Don’t have to worry about them getting hot in the sun, either…..
    The transform from outdoors to near inside space…..I hadn’t thought of that!
    Watch out for that window!

  2. This looks awful, I don’t see the point..

  3. It’s a very cool swing! I bought the same in the north of France when we are driving back to London from the South but it’s still sitting in my office. I will probably ship it to France again to hang it in our holidays home. Have a lovely weekend with your little boy 🙂

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