knitted stools


These fabulous knitted stools are from British textile designer Claire-Anne O’Brien

(via Bodie and Fou)

6 Responses to knitted stools

  1. They are just gorgeous!! Love them!

  2. These are fantastic.

  3. these are beautiful and so well done.

  4. Okay, when I look at these stools , I don’t think knitting is just for grandmas anymore. Very creative!

  5. so fun! i think i’d want one in my bedroom or maybe office.

  6. friendly aside to dianna…knitting hasn’t been just for grandmas for a long time now :)… there’s a whole new generation of fashionable knitters are on the scene making lots of cool stuff like this.

    anyhoo, what a great find…i think i have a pattern somewhere for knitted scrunchie shapes like the ones in grey. love how they’re all looped together.

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