house on the island of tinos, greece


This gorgeous house belongs to Greek interior designer Marilyn Katsaris. Located on the island of Tinos (Greece), it is designed by Greek Zege architects. Located on a mountain in the old residential site of Triandros this vacation home is actually made up of two separate houses which have been brought together through a picturesque veranda.


Respecting the architectural surroundings and capturing the day to day beauty and simplicity, the architects created this private residence as it was meant to be designed for Tinos.


The interior consists of 250sqm living space. The structure is loose, open and characteristically fresh. Throughout the residence there are little touches of historical detailing.


The surroundings and the views outwards are breathtaking. You can look out as far out as your eyes can see.


All bathrooms, with exposed rock formations, have a different color selected from the natural surrounding elements such as blue and sand color.


The exterior architecture coincides with the rules and balance of the typical residential islandic forms. Pigeon whole windows, curved white forms of structure and exposed stone formations are the examples of this typical form of architecture.


(via Yatzer)

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