casa areia


At the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 Lisbon firm Aires Mateus Architects are exhibiting these houses with sandy floors called Casa Areia. The project comprises seaside accommodation made of wooden frames covered in natural fibres. Sand covers the floor in the kitchen and living space, connecting them to the beach and landscape outside.


The architects: “This project was build on the sand that is a natural and abundant material that was transported to the interior of the common places (the living room and the kitchen) giving this way the connection between the environment and the new and totally integrated construction.


(via Dezeen)

10 Responses to casa areia

  1. Great! I would love to spend my vacation time there!

  2. Usally I hate sand inside but this seems nice but the practicallity(?) of it isn’t so good because you’d be bringing sand into the bed from the outside.

    Love the walls and ceiling

  3. Looks amazing.
    But, I´m not sure I would appriciate having all the sand with me everywhere….

  4. this is great until i go to bed and need to rinse my feet… wish i could’ve spend summer in a place like this

  5. Looks great, so cool with the sand floor even if it could be a little unpractical.

  6. funny idea:) I would like to spend my holiday in a place like this…

  7. The sandy floors look very romantic but I cannot imagine having white furniture sitting on it. It must get pretty dirty after a while.

  8. One of my oldest desires seems to be reality somewhere. The beach at home. How nice! But how to get rid of the sand when you go to bed. Whatever…I love it!

  9. I like the concept but actually cold sand doesn’t feel that nice underfoot so I’m not sure whether it would work for me.

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