colors from the mediterranean


Although it is still summer it more looks like autumn here in The Netherlands as it has been raining for days now. I will be preparing some autumn inspired posts for September but in the mean time I continue showing summer houses and summer colors. After all, according to the calendar, it is still summer!


Today gorgeous rich colors from the Mediterranean! Borrowing color from the surrounding sea and sky as inspiration, the Mediterranean has an abundance of deep blues, teals, and tans, but lavenders and greens and other deep colors sneak their way in through the flora of the area.


(images from Cote Maison)

5 Responses to colors from the mediterranean

  1. Wow, wat een prachtige kleuren..deze hebben we nodig met al die regen;)

  2. ‘kavun 75 kuru?’ it s turkish =D

  3. Every time I see photos of home from the Mediterranean, I want to book a plane ticket, take time off from school and spend a few months out there.

  4. great pics!
    greetings from a mediterranean country – Greece – its a really hot summer here with 38degrees!

  5. Mediterranean is a fantastic dreamy place full of colors.

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