uxua casa hotel in brazil


Let’s travel to Brazil today! Above a remote stretch of Brazil’s Bahian coastline sits an enchanting fishing village called Trancoso. On the town’s historic green (the Quadrado) is a secret garden holding a luxurious hideaway; the UXUA Casa Hotel.


Nine beautiful rustic ‘casas’ are built and decorated in collaboration with local artisans using traditional building methods, recycled and organic materials, and attention to detail.


Complemented by spa, restaurant, and beachfront lounge, UXUA sets new standards of rustic design & luxury.


Features include full kitchens, private gardens, indoor/outdoor living rooms, open-sky bathrooms, antiques and Bahian artwork, king-size beds, wireless internet, satelite television. Some casas even have private plunge pools, jacuzzis, or hanging terraces!


That bench (image above) seems like the perfect spot to relax on the beach, which is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel. A full 60% of UXUA’s seaside property is reserved for the use of some other very important guests: the area’s sea turtles.


For more information you can visit the hotel’s website.

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