birdhouse wallpaper


New at Le Souk is this gorgeous Birdhouse wallpaper. This unique wallpaper will turn any room in your house into something special! The wallpaper is filled with sweet birdhouses and elegant little birds on a worn-out background. Fabrics from the remnant basket, newspaper clippings, and cheerful prints provide a decoration for your wall.


Tip: you can also mount the wallpaper in a frame, on cabinet doors and other kinds of furniture. Also great to be used for nurseries and kids rooms!

9 Responses to birdhouse wallpaper

  1. This wallpaper [and other really super cute ones!] are actually made by a company called Studio Ditte –

    The wallpaper can also be bought through catkin collections :] Personally I love the buttons wallpaper!

  2. A small patch of that would do me good, perhaps on a bulletin board.

  3. agreed with linda starr! i would love to put patches in a frame and mix them in with mirrors and pictures of trees and whatnot.

  4. This wallpaper is great !

  5. Georgeous! And so much nicer to look at when you can´t fall asleep.

  6. The wall paper and birds are really pretty but it feels like a bit much on a large wall. It would look really cool on a small single wall though. While looking at it I kept feeling like the bird eyes followed me.

  7. love the wallpaper. with two puppies and three fish, it would be interesting if I patch it on my wall 😛

  8. That look great … are the birdhouses 3D – i mean do they come out of the wallpaper or is it only a print? thanks for sharing …

  9. Wow super cute! But my cat would sure hate it!

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