country style home accessories


Aina’s Charme is a small Norwegian shop with lots of beautiful country style home accessories. The unique collection consists of handmade products with beautiful details, some of them with a french twist.


The collection is inspired by traditional handcraft and the nordic style. All products all light-colored and made from the very best quality materials. Check out Aina’s Charme website for more information.


(images from aina’s charme)

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  1. gorgeous pics. no one does it quite like the Norwegians.

  2. Hi, I would like to order one of her adorable vintage linen bags but have no idea how to!! Can you help! Thank you.

  3. Hi Alison, it is best to send an email to for more information about how to order any products.

  4. There is something so charming about the country look and these accessories are fabulous…Carol

  5. Love this country look!


  6. I found your blog on Holly Becker.
    Very inspiring and interessing! soon, Éva

  7. How nice of you to mention her work, I love the little bags she makes 😉


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