stylish hotel masseria cimino, italy


The Masseria Cimino is an 18th century farmhouse that has been transformed in a stylish boutique hotel in the Puglia region in Italy. The guest house is situated in what was once a large and busy farmstead, close to the fishing village of Savelletri and just meters away from the sea edge.


The Masseria Cimino has 15 guest bedrooms situated in the main building and the adjacent tower. The rooms are all furnished in that beautiful Mediterranean style, using authentic local materials. The hotel has been listed as one of the 101 best hotels by Tatler.


A beautiful greyish blue color has been used for furniture and doors (images below).


In past centuries, the Masseria Cimino, surrounded by fields and olive trees, was an agricultural center of considerable importance which administered the cultivation of the fields and the storage of the produce grown. The buildings were used predominantly for the processing of the agricultural products.


(images from Cote Maison)

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for such stunning pictures day after day. Really such a treat for my eyes and spirit!

  2. it is more than stylish, it is ASTONISHING!!!

  3. So serene and breathtaking! I would love to stay there sometime!

  4. This hotel looks amazing. I love the little splashes of colour delivered through the line up of something a bit random.

  5. I’m in love with mthis place! I put a link in my blog about it! =)

  6. I keep coming back to this post -it like a dream come true! What a beautiful looking hotel!

  7. mamma mia… beautiful

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