a beautiful fireplace

a beautiful fireplace

Today I’m loving …. this beautiful fireplace.

(image by Stacey Brandford)

13 Responses to a beautiful fireplace

  1. Such a pretty shot of black! But even more, I love that wooly thing next to the fireplace.

  2. It’s beautiful, especially against the white background. Love it.

  3. Love the picture frame window! …or is it a mirror?

  4. Truly beautiful!

  5. yes, it is beautiful. kind of makes you wish winter was here again…

  6. love the whole space! the contrast of black and white with a bit a yellow=happiness

  7. Beautiful photograph! I LOVE that mirror!

  8. Love the contrast, what an original fireplace. Love it!

  9. the handmade Egyptian pendant lights are breathtaking. So magical and beautiful

  10. It all works so well together.

  11. Well… lovely indeed but the fireplace looks a little bit like Darth Vader, which kind of ruins it.
    By the way, you have a very very nice blog here ! 🙂

  12. Interesting stuff. I am pleased I came back again. Good reading, thanks.

  13. Interesting stuff. Cool I checked it out another time. Much appreciated

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