a white home in lucca, italy


The favorite flower of the home owners of this beautiful home in Lucca, Italy is the magnolia flower. Perhaps this is why they decided to take this color as the theme for the interior of their home where they live with their two daughters.


The ground floor apartment is located in a 17th century building which was originally used as a textile factory. The kitchen chairs in the images above are from IKEA. Sheer curtains separate the kitchen from the dining area.


The main color in the house is white varying from bright white to beige and silver tones.


The mirror reflects the main entrance of the house located at street level.


Thank you Lorenzo for sending me the link!

(via At Casa)

16 Responses to a white home in lucca, italy

  1. whatever is going on over their kitchen table is slaying me with it’s awesome-ness.
    such a pretty home!

  2. Amazing! I love white so much.

  3. such an amazing home! lovely materials used.

  4. So calm and beautiful – but weaving through those gauzy panels would drive. me. crazy. within. minutes….

  5. Contemporary and cozy. Love it!

  6. Love the all white…
    ? Elena, the spanish one

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  8. Wonderful design!

  9. Wo!! This is my kind of house and lifestyle!!

  10. Calm, contemporary, homey – brilliant! I love the lighting over the dining table, with all the children’s drawing – very cute idea.

  11. I am so envious of the European simplicity in design. Gorgeous home!

  12. i like the idea of the sliding curtains before the kitchen cabinets. let the whole space looking romantic and heavenly!

  13. the white interior is classic for Italian interior designer

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  15. Look calm, zen, clearly and nice!!!
    I like a lot this interiors

  16. Hi there – I work for an interiors magazine, and I wondered if anyone had a contact for the owners of this lovely home? Many thanks – nick.clarke@augustmedia.com

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