outdoor dining


More outdoor dining inspiration!

(image by Jessica Claire, via Frolic)

10 Responses to outdoor dining

  1. This is so gorgeous and seems pretty easy to replicate for a lunch al fresco with friends…
    May try this this weekend since we’re off to France


  2. Love this, i normally don’t tend to like orange but i like how it is used in this picture.

  3. Beautiful photographs! Make me want to gather up some good friends and unique plates for a picnic.

  4. beautiful! love the idea of a low table and sitting-pillows.

  5. Yummy! Great idea to have everyone low to the ground–so much more picnic-like!

  6. Que lugar incrível! Uma mesa perfeita para um almoço entre amigos queridos. Bjs

  7. WOw…I love this

  8. So absolutely beautiful, fresh and pretty!

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