warren heath


Warren Heath is a talented photographer from South Africa who works for various magazines around the world. When going through his portfolio I noticed the beautiful use of light. All the interiors he shot are modern with clean lines and not too much color, just how I like it!


(images by Warren Heath)

2 Responses to warren heath

  1. gorgeous. I’m dying for a set of vintage suitcases to stack in my apartment! someday.. 🙂
    XX fallon

  2. beautiful. i love the wooden sculptures in the first image – i had a similar one in my floor, made my a friend of mine (he’s wood sculpturer and use the chain saw very often – http://www.holz-skulpturen-objekte.de – but the website is only in german :/

    the old boxes are great too and they are a cool photo accessouire ;O)

    have a nice day and thanks a lot!

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