spool vases by mara skujeniece


Aren’t these ‘spool vases’ designed by Mara Skujeniece gorgeous?! Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Mara designs furniture and interior products, specialising in ceramics. Central to Mara’s work which takes much of its inspiration from her Latvian origins, is the tactility of material, honesty in expression and a well thought-out process.


The series ‘Spool’ vases was inspired by the forms and structures of industrial yarn bobbins used in the weaving or knitting of fabrics. Varying in size, texture and structure, the family of vases is made of white porcelain. There are currently seven different models available. All vase are handmade in The Netherlands.


Mara was inspired by the shape and texture of industrial yarn bobbins.

10 Responses to spool vases by mara skujeniece

  1. These vases are delightful!

  2. Amazing!!! so creative and original… love pieces like these!!!

  3. wow! i love those vases!

  4. Poesie industrielle, I really love this °détournement°, I have to make a little trip to netherlands on those springly days!!!thanks

  5. Absolutely beautiful!
    Is impressive how ceramic vases have so much to play with… I can’t get enough

  6. Stunning! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Those are fantastic! I always love when someone takes an ordinary object and makes it into something worth drooling over.

  8. my dad is now retired, but he used to own a factory here in southern california that dyed yarn for the textiles industry. these shapes bring back a lot of memories from the factory!

  9. Such a great idea, and they look fantastic grouped together like that…

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