douglas friedman


These gorgeous pics are from the portfolio of Douglas Friedman. This talented photographer was born and raised in New York City in 1972. He studied Anthropology and Documentary Film Making at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Post graduation, Douglas worked for a few years making movies in the film industry. After working on SE7EN, The Game, and Fight Club; Douglas left Hollywood with his camera, a suitcase and a one way ticket to Indonesia.


The next year and a half was spent traveling the world and photographing everything he came across; from sherpas at the foot of Mt. Everest to sharks 100 feet below the Sulawesi Sea; and the architectural vernacular of each port of call along the way.


Douglas returned to NYC in the late 90’s to begin a serious study of photographic technique and theory. His fascination with architecture and design found its way into his work and shortly thereafter, Douglas was shooting stories for Wallpaper, Domino and Elle Décor magazines.


I have selected these photographs from Douglas’ extensive portfolio as I love the use of neutral colors and natural materials in these interiors.


(images by Douglas Friedman)

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