morten holtum

Due to personal circumstances I was not able to post for while. I hope to be able to resume to regular posting from today. I hope you are still around! These beautiful images are from Morten Holtum’s portfolio.

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  1. hope everything is okay – good to see you back.

    sammy & glenn

  2. Waiting impatiently your coming back!


  3. It is a deal to keep posting through thick and thin,
    we’re all looking forward to your return.

  4. Love your posts – a morning art show for my eyes is always appreciated.
    Hope you get through whatever you need to get to the other side of.

  5. Missed your posts while you were gone. So glad you are back!

    Hope everything is ok 🙂

  6. How nice that you are back! Hope you are fine.
    I really really really missed my favorite daily eye-candy post!

  7. Great to see you back again, lovely images!!

  8. Yeah I missed your posts and it’s good you are back in blogland.
    I’m totally inspired by the basket with all the natural colored wool 🙂 So pure & pretty.

  9. so missed your posts. so glad you are back. thank you for your inspiration.

  10. good to have U back 🙂

  11. Viva!!! Good to see you again! Hope you´re fine!

  12. New to your site…wish you only the best and look forward to more of what I see today. Best regards

  13. so happy you have returned! I so look forward to your inspirational posts! hope you are well.

  14. Blij om weer van je te horen en weer van je mooie blog te mogen genieten! Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat en wens je het allerbeste.

  15. Been really worried. I hope you are well. Glad to see your posts again.

  16. Have been worried about you, hope all is now well.

  17. Welcome back! Without your blog there is something missing in my life 🙂

  18. So happy to see you are back. I have been looking everyday for a new post. Hope everything is fine with you. You should know that I think you are the most inspring blogwriter and that your collection of posts here is wonderful!

    Lisen in Stockholm, sweden

  19. We missed you! Glad you are back.

  20. mark richards

    stumbled across your thoughts and pictures while seaching Panarea.
    Nice stuff…..I’ll return…Mark

  21. Those are beautiful images! Thank you for sharing them. Hope all is well for you.

  22. glad you’re back…

  23. so glad your back!

  24. I missed your posts too, glad you are coming back:) Nice images, especially the basket and its stuff!

  25. so glad you are back. Wishing you the best

  26. we’ve missed you! happy to see you’re back.

  27. welcome back!
    lovely pics

  28. Super fijn dat je er weer bent meid!

  29. wij gaan nergens heen.. en jij bent er weer 😉

  30. THANK YOU for all your sweet comments!!!!!

  31. hope all is well! Soooooo nice to see you back 🙂 !!
    and Cadaqués is my favorite place on earth!

  32. Oké ik ben een beetje laat met mijn comment (was op vakantie) maar fijn dat je weer terug bent 😉 .

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