Some gorgeous images from the brand new Toast 2010 Spring catalogue.


I loving the bright colours of clothes, accessories and decor!


(images from Toast)

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  1. LOVE Toast! Such lovely images! Can’t wait to browse the spring catalog!

  2. I’ve never heard of Toast, but I love the images.


  3. This is such a gorgeous post (but all your posts are gorgeous, so no surprise!) — I really love that yellow flower necklace!

  4. That yellow flower necklace has my name written all over it!

  5. lovely the colours

  6. Thanks for sharing this site, I never heard of them before…They really have clothes to my taste!

  7. what a beautiful catalog!

  8. I instantly fell in love with your blog the moment I found it! True beauty!

  9. Very beautiful pictures, they have the life you want for everyone. Thank you.

  10. Love the clothes and atmosphere in the photos… thanks for sharing.

  11. hey, style files, posting anything new anytime soon???

  12. Wow, such gorgeous and special items!
    I really LOVE Toast.
    Thanks for sharing…


  13. keep on shining, the first photo getup is marvelous specially the style of the shirt. thanks for sharing love you

  14. getting worried about you…um, it’s march now… please let us know you’re alive…

  15. does anyone know what’s happening with style-files? I’m getting worried…

  16. Help help where are you – I miss your images they keep me grounded in style in the midst of visual overload

  17. Danielle, where are you??????????????

  18. You are my best-best style files! I need you in my everyday life!

  19. Hope everything is ok, Danielle, and we will see some of your new inspirations soon

  20. Dear Danielle,

    please make my grey days in Vienna more colourful! I miss my style-files. Hope you are well!

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