a renovated fisherman’s cottage


On Remodalista I can accross this beautiful fisherman’s cottage on Shelter Island, USA. The cottage, which was built in 1904, has been renovated by NY-based architects Rhea White and Steve Schappacher of Schappacher White.


The owners, who bought the house as a weekend retreat, were acutally looking for something more modern but when they saw this cottage they couldn’t resist making an offer.


Throughout the interiors, whites, off whites, and sand colors have been used. Black and natural wood was used as contrasts.



A gorgeous rocking chair.


A mix of modern pieces, antiques, and found objects has been used to decorate the rooms.


(photographs by Laura Moss / via Remodalista)

18 Responses to a renovated fisherman’s cottage

  1. Love this cottage. I dream of a cottage like this some day. Especially love the TV under the stairs. Great idea!

  2. I agree, the TV hidden under the stairs is a clever way to encourage people to enjoy the great outdoors instead. And who wouldn’t want to, with such an incredible patio!

  3. I hope to own a vacation home one day, this is a gorgeous home!!!

  4. I love the black/white/cream color theme throughout. I wish I had that kind of discipline. It’s such a calming effect. Love it!

  5. Yes, i love these colors. These are the colors i want to use for my own home ๐Ÿ™‚ like the cottage.

  6. I love that old rocking chair. And that chalkboard wall is inspired!

  7. i officially have a new favorite abode.

  8. Love this place. I don’t think I love every room and every detail. Oh I wish.

  9. I mean I DO think I love every room and every detail. I was going to say I’ve never seen any house where I absolutely LOVE everything. Oooops!

  10. Loving the black and white, especially the chalkboard. Linked you on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  11. the black&white is so refreshing

  12. I really love the look of this little home! That chalkboard wall is inspiring me to do the same in my kitchen.


  13. I love the white ceramics in the first picture. Can you tell me where you bought them.


  14. This cottage is absolutely amazing…I love everything about it! It’s so inviting!

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  16. Yes, this cottage is absolutely perfect. I saved every single picture for inspiration. Love it!

  17. This is a wonderful, charming cottage! I would love to live there!

  18. Good to hear that this post is inspirational to so many of you!

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