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I love everything about this post: the styling, the products, the setting, the photo’s.. everything! This stunning table arrangement is created by Sunday Suppers, who were asked to guest blog for Martha Stewart’s wedding blog. For this post they decided to create a dessert cheese table—very much in the French fashion—using a rustic chic look for décor, staying within the given color palate of cream and white.


They sought out cheese that created visual variety for the display, and variety in taste for the serving. They also searched for pairings that really highlighted and complimented their cheese. Once the cheeses were selected they had a great time arranging a beautiful buffet table. Delicate pairings like french baguette, honey, and pear, were used to add colors and shapes.


Sunday Suppers is a class-cooking- dining experience, pairing friends and food. The food is market fresh, local and organic and the approach is to create seasonal and fresh meals together. The classes are held in a waterfront loft in Brooklyn, NY and are taught by Local Chefs.

(images from Sunday Suppers, photos + styling by Karen Mordechai / via This is Glamorous)

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  1. Wow, I have never seen cheese presented that amazing – great post!

  2. very nice design for breakfast

  3. love it ! miam ! looks like my cheese shop in montmartre !

  4. The table looks beautiful. I was thinking that it would great to do a similar (but more basic) spread for Sunday suppers for real. It would be nice to always have a bit of a variety of healthy ‘picky’ type foods out for the afternoon and invite friends and family to pop in for an open house type day. Thanks for the idea!


  5. Thanks for all your comments!

    FringeGirl, that’s a great idea to have an open house type day!

  6. Fantastic spread. I’m hungry already!


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