modern classic furniture for kids


Molly-Meg is a new online shop dedicated to bringing 20th Century Modern design icons to the world of children. Molly-Meg: “By offering a carefully selected range of “Miniature classics” for children by leading designers, our aim is to show that good design is not just for adults. Taste and style can appeal to every age and blend seamlessly into any modern home.”


Their vintage furniture gallery displays a collection of classics which will never fade from their iconic status. Molly-Meg scours the globe seeking out hard-to- source special pieces.


Above a sample from their wonderful collection. More beautiful pieces can be found on their website.

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  2. great collection of chairs! I’ve always had a thing for uniquely styled chairs!

  3. Wish they would’ve been available when I was a kid… adorable!!!

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  5. Some of the best chairs I have seen for kids. Kids always love colorful chairs with interesting designs. Buying such colorful and elegant looking chairs will ensure that your kids bedroom is always loved by him/her. Such furniture in the house will make them happy.

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