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A while ago I read in an Australian magazine about Sibella Court. This Australian stylist recenlty published her beautiful book Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love.


I didn’t have time to check out Sibella’s website until now and I was happy to find some gorgeous photos. Sibella’s very inspring website is called The Society Inc and is definitely worth visiting!.


About Sibella: ‘Despite being born in idyllic Sydney, Sibella’s gypsy soul had her travelling the world searching for beautiful and unusual things to discover, from a very early age.


Currently a judge on the Channel 9 television design series HomeMADE and Interiors Editor for Grazia magazine, Sibella has a beautiful props salon in Paddington “The Society Inc”, a paint range with Murobond, and a handful of prestige advertising clients who draw on her myriad of aesthetic and practical skills.”


(images from The Society Inc)

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  1. What incredible talent! I’m always impressed by the subtle touches in rooms and photographs and the way the whole scene seems to effortlessly come together. Maybe I brood over things too much, but I find it hard to make decisions about which little items to purchase…and I know sometimes it’s the little items that make the room.

  2. she has great style … was hoping to get her book for xmas but it doesn’t seem to be available in the uk yet.

  3. gorgeous! I wonder what her home looks like, if these are just examples of her work!

  4. I like the unusual things which she used for decorating in such a natural way!

  5. As a stylist she seems to have developed a consistent way of arranging vignettes. Her tone is soft, yet rich with possibility. The browns are warm, nothing really screams louder than the other. It’s all peaceful, a type of room I’d like to hang out in for a long time.

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  7. I loved these pictures — makes me wish for Spring early!

  8. I love the picture of the fireplace with some flowers on top of the mantle — so incredibly beautiful and minimalist!

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