christmas shopping


Have you done all your Christmas shopping? I still have to do mine as I have been snowed in for the last four days. I only wish I would look as good and relaxed doing my shopping as this young Jane Birkin does…

(image via bohemian musings)

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  1. Snowed in! Yikes! I’m not quite done yet… I think it might be time to get crafty clever with the rest of the gifts though…. cause I am absolutely dreading the crowds!

    Good luck!

  2. I wish I were done with the shopping and the wrapping… I’m too busy in my cozy office, sipping tea and reading my favorite blogs!

  3. I wish I had done all my shopping and wrapping. I hate last minute shopping. but every year I repeat it. Er… I am still busy picking gifts on

  4. Jane Birkin rocks! Love that pic.

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