blueware collection by studio glithero


Anglo-Dutch designers Studio Glithero have created a series of vases and tiles decorated with shadows of plants captured on photosensitive chemicals. Called Blueware Collection and produced for Vauxhall Collective, the surface decoration was produced using a technique similar to traditional blueprinting.


The floral patterns on the objects were created by attaching plants to their surfaces before exposing them to light, leaving the areas in shadow underexposed.


Studio Glithero are members of the Vauxhall Collective, an initiative by the car company. Works for sale from Vauxhall Collective. (via Dezeen)

4 Responses to blueware collection by studio glithero

  1. The tiles are exquisite! They would look amazing on a kitchen blacksplash

  2. Cool, this is a great idea … it’s a bit like cyanotypes ;o) … have nice christmas and a happy new year – ALDI

  3. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas & a great New Year too!!

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