a gorgeous bathroom


When we were renovating our house I had these images in my ‘style book’ as inspiration for our bathroom. I wanted to created a similar serene atmoshpere and I liked the use of wood in this bathroom. We did not copy this bathroom though (our bathroom looks very different); I just used the images as inspiration to come to a certain style.


This bathroom is designed by New York architects Murdock Young for a house in the East Hamptons, USA.


(images from Murdock Young)

7 Responses to a gorgeous bathroom

  1. I completely agree. This bathroom makes me drool–it’s fantastic.

  2. Oohh That looks like a steam shower, how nice! Love that tub.

  3. Now I’m really curious as to how your bathroom looks like..

  4. That bathtub look as cozy as it can be…, with some relaxing music, I may have fall a sleep for the rest of the day…

  5. Omg, that bathroom just plain say relax… I want to sleep there…

  6. not sure why my comment is not showing up…
    Anyways, I loved it!

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