le pain quotidien in amsterdam


Famous bakery Le Pain Quotidien has a openend a shop in Amsterdam! I know this bakery from visits to Antwerp (Belgium) where I used to buy their internationally famous organic sour dough breads. Le Pain Quotidien is a fantastic bakery with 116 stores around the world, serving delicious breads and pastries as well as food to eat in the restaurant area, including plates of charcuterie, sandwiches and salads.


Le Pain Quotidien: “Whenever we can, we source organic ingredients. This way, we not only do what is good for the Earth, but we also ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality. It’s about finding the very best, in a way that is good for all of us. Our bread is made today exactly as it was in the beginning: with only organic stone-ground flour, salt, and water, kneaded and shaped by hand and baked in a hearth under the watchful eye of artisan bakers. The process is long, arduous, and delicate…and worth every effort”.

You can visit their website to see if they have a shop in your area. In Amsterdam Le Pain Quotidien is located at Cornelis Troostplein in the Pijp area.

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