industrial chandelier by workstead


I’m loving this industrial chandelier which I found on decor8. This light fixture is designed by Workstead, a New York based collaboration by Robert Highsmith and Stefanie Brechbuehler. Workstead about their design: “This ceiling fixture, fuses the concept of the chandelier with a keen understanding of function and flexibility. It utilizes re-purposed O.C. White industrial joints, vintage Hubbell sockets, and new-cut steel. The arms can be articulated in multiple axes; the joints allow for 360 degrees of rotation. Sockets placed at the end of each arm have a turn-key function, allowing for 1 – 3 bulbs to be illuminated at any given time. The fixture is both articulate and elemental. Its goal is to gracefully exhibit the physical properties of light.”

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  1. They remind me a lot to Michael Anastassiades’s famous kinetic lights. Really nice work.

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