tonale by david chipperfield for alessi


Tonale is Alessi’s new tableware collection designed by British architect David Chipperfield. The colours of the various products are inspired by paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi.


The forms were inspired by ancient Korean stoneware.


Alessi: “Materials and colours are the two main assets of the service and invite the user to arrange the objects on the table so that they can be seen as a whole. The stoneware ceramic pieces come in tonal colours: light grey, light earth, dark grey, red earth, white earth, white yellow and pale yellow. The series is completed by an enamelled steel tray shaded in a dark green colour and available in a single rectangular size.”


(images from Alessi)

2 Responses to tonale by david chipperfield for alessi

  1. Really like the glass/decanter set…

  2. These also remind me even more of the american painter William Bailey’s work from the 1970’s. I think he also liked Morandi.

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