casa anna on formentera, spain

Although summer is almost over in this part of the world, I still have some posts about beautiful summerhouses lined up. I hope you don’t mind..
This gorgeous home belongs to a lady called Anna. It is located on Spanish island Formentera. The images are shot by Jordi Canosa, a Spanish photographer who works for various magazines.

(images by Jordi Canosa / styled by Daniela Cavestany)

6 Responses to casa anna on formentera, spain

  1. The only thing I mind is that I don’t have a house like that. Beautiful!

  2. It’s okay. I’m already dreaming about next summer and this looks like the perfect setting for those dreams.

  3. Oh, what a shower.
    Great place and very inspiring.

  4. That house is DREAMY! I normally am attracted to more color, but that space is so very calming, even just looking at it.

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  6. Daniela cristofori

    Volevo informazioni sulle vostre case a fermenterà per affitto

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