more toast

More images from the new Toast fall collection. Happy weekend everyone!

4 Responses to more toast

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t find these pictures inspiring at all! My first impression is “what a mess!… we should do something with these walls! There are very few posts of yours that I’m not particularly fond of. I know it’s hard to please everyone! Nevertheless, thanks for your lovely blog! I stop by every day!

  2. no, i don’t agree with the comment above . I think the walls add character!Not everyone has perfect homes but how we deal with these imperfections count. I think the first and third images are my favorite.

  3. I adore this pictures, the colors and the textures in this photos are so perfect, congratulations to the photografer!

  4. love the colors, the rough texture that build the mood of the place perfectly welldone ^ ^

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