cutlery made from plastic bottles

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has created a cutlery set made from plastic bottles. The set, called Found, is made by plating the plastic first in copper and then in tin. The spoon, fork, and knife, have all been made from parts of existing bottles found at the local supermarket. The parts were selected so the cutlery is easy to pick up from the table and performs like any other cutlery.

The design process starts on the supermarket were the bottles are selected by their curves. The use of those available shapes, allows a small batch production without the need any mould. Each set is unique due to the hand-cut nature of each piece.

(via Dezeen)

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  2. i wish these were available in manila *sigh*

  3. firstly – um, why?
    secondly – these are pretty ugly


  4. i’m curious about the health aspect of this. how healthy is it to eat with plastic plated with copper and tin?

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